We are collaborating on a festival inspired Fashionstyleyou.co.uk / lookbook, for you guys, I put together some outfits of their festival inspired pieces on Their website – and I think they turned out really cute there – definitely very inspired by the trends of the season, so like animal print neon you’ll see a lot of neon here.

Almost all of these items are under $ 100 and boo-hoo is constantly updating their website with new pieces, so I’ll have the links both to these items and their website, so you can check it out if you want to, and I actually have a promo code. I kind of mixed and matched every single item with a different one throughout this article – https://www.fashionstyleyou.co.uk/festival-outfit-ideas-for-girls/, so I’m gon na go ahead and get started with the first outfit okay starting off with the first product. This is a bathing suit, but in the look I like kind of use it as a bodysuit, it’s this very, very bright neon green super super high waisted, one piece for size, dress, friends: this was a us. It worked really well as a bodysuit, as you could tell they sit very high on your waist if you’re looking for you know some neon bathing suits by suits or whatever the case may be, they have some really good options and, as you can tell.

These with black Jean shorts, I was so so happy with these shorts, like usually it’s so difficult to find denim shorts that fit my body really well, just because they’re either like too tight on my butt and they fit my waist or they’re, don’t fit my butt And then like they’ll, not wrap around my waist, if you know what I mean, you know if you can relate, but these just literally fit so perfectly and they definitely give me the vintage distress. Look. You know like how you can tell when some jeans are like purposefully like distress. Nothing like that love the way these are distressed, love the cut of the but how sides kind of go higher than like the full-back overall, so so obsessed with these denim shorts. These are a size two in u.s

I think these together are a casual outfit. You’Ll see that some of the outfits in this video are like more chill more casual, and some of them are very out-there very, like scandi. So I have quite a few options for all the different type of ladies watching this video, no matter what your fashion sense and what you’re comfortable with like. I can definitely say some of these are so out there and show like a little bit more skin, that I would usually wear, but I just threw them in here, so they could be in so for those of you that do you know where things like that And then I took it a step even more casual and paired it. With this vintage. Looking bandit, the color of the shirt itself looks kind of acid-washed, so, like really vintage, obviously ban tees are like a staple for Coachella, like everyone wears them all the time. What I did was I tied it up, but you could also like crop it or you could just wear like this. This was just a size small as a Metallica t-shirt. Super soft super comfy, just a staple that you can. You know bring with you to Coachella, and then you guys also saw me take that outfit up a notch and I paired the band with these really super out there biker shorts.

So when I saw these on the website, I thought they’d be like a faux leather material and honestly, that was kind of scary to me. Cuz Coachella can get really hot and if you’re wearing like a latex at the festival, might not be the brightest idea, you might feel like you’re, literally inside, like an inflatable pool the whole time. So, when I got these – and I realized like they’re super soft – they just have that pattern. I was actually thrilled. They are so comfy.

Definitely very out-there he’s fluffing his pillow, so this was a banty was a look. If you wanted to be even more casual, maybe something that’s just like a color-block piece of no patterns or logos whatsoever. I would definitely wear these in like everyday life too, like with a grey oversized hoodie. Oh, look! This isn’t a size us two. If you dig the biker short look, but you don’t like the pattern, I got some more options for you. This one is similar to that like a similar cut, but as you can see it’s black and then it has a buckle right here, which I think is my favorite part about these. They wrap around your booty, so definitely make the booty look. Good, booty, poppin in the east and biker shorts have been in for a while. I honestly thought it’d be like a trend that would come and go, but they’ve stuck around and they’re. Definitely gon na be seen at the festival this season. This isn’t a size us four I’ve heard them with this neon bodysuit. This is also in a size us four. Ah, this is so cute.

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This is so many trends in one like the bodysuit, the one-shoulder, the neon pink. I honestly don’t know why. I love the whole one-shoulder. Look so much like I’m kind of obsessed with that, like it’s kind of that, I like it. What’S the big deal about it, not the type of material that would get you sweating a lot and it’s kind of funny, because Coachella’s known for being like really hot, I keep talking about Coachella, but this could be for any festival or just like daily life. In general, like Lollapalooza, is coming up, I’m just going to Coachella next month, so, like I’m super thrilled, so I can’t stop talking about it. Coachella specifically, is known for being super hot in the day and then super cold in the night, and the fact that this is like it has a one sleeve and not the other sleeve. Just kind of like makes me feel like it’s perfect, for that, like it kind of represents that cuz, it’s always a struggle like if you wear a tank top, you have to bring a jacket with you. If you wear a long sleeve, you’re gon na be hot during the day and then perfect during the night, you could make this work with just this and not have to bring a jacket.

Speaking of jackets, though this is yet another very like all the trends in one piece: it’s a neon cropped jacket. It has that snakeskin print, but it’s not actually like leather or like faux leather or anything. Its just like a soft jacket material. I like that. It’S cropped and then it’s kind of boxy. Thats a look I like, and I feel like what I would do as you could see in the Tryon is just button it all up and just have it kind of be kind of look like a collared shirt. You know what I mean: this isn’t a size eight, because I just wanted to go for the more oversized look and, like I said, throw this in your backpack during a festival and whip it out at night. If your neon you’re gon na be bright, your group is not gon na lose you it’s funny, like everyone always has something that they like pulling out at night, so that their group can find that you could just be that person for that, or instead of a Jacket, you could whip out, you know like the full body, sue and change your top. I feel like that’s something I might be doing just so. I can have like it’s kind of like outfit number two, but for the same day, and I’m never gon na say no to that, because the more outfits better in my last haul. I had mentioned that. I really want a turtleneck neon green, like a bodysuit, and I got hurt also if this haul is hurting your eyes, a little cuz everything’s so bright.

I’M sorry girl turn down your brightness or something I paired this with the black Jean shorts, that I showed you guys earlier. This is a size two. I definitely think I would get a four if you’re like around my size, because a little TMI, but my booty was a little too big for me to be able to clip these, so I just kind of like tuck them into the shorts. You really can’t tell it all and almost yeah kind of do that a lot with body suits just cuz. I hate the whole like stripping down or trying to pee process, especially at Coachella, like you, don’t want to be doing that, but this is also just a really great piece for just regular life. Okay, I saved the two craziest outfits for the last. These are a little out of my comfort zone, but just being able to like playing around in these and test it out was really fun for me, okay, so the first thing I got was this neon green bikini. Its very stringy. Its like double strings, so it looks cool and then the bottoms just look like this they’re just regular bottoms they’re like stringing on the sides and what I did was.

I found this gorgeous piece can’t wait to use this as a bathing suit cover-up literally the whole summer, I’m obsessed their minds if Kylie Jenner or like Kim Kardashian. For some reason it looks like a fishnet, but it’s like this rose gold color, and it goes all the way down to your feet, and I think this over, like a really bright color bikini is very eye-catching, and what I realize is that it literally just like Wraps around your body and I’ll like sit on your waist, it won’t just like tumble down, which I thought was very impressive. It just defines your shape really. Well, let me know what else I could wear under this. If I don’t want to wear like a bikini, I know that’s how I showed in the Tryon, but I don’t know. Let me know this dress was, I think, one of my favorite pieces. I think I don’t wear. This is a bathing suit cover-up. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to wear this as like an outfit out, but it’s just so cute.

Its like this neon mesh, very, very long, almost down to your feet. I think, down to my calves, dress it like cinches on the side. So once again it just like wraps around your body very well, and I just wore like a black bikini. I had under it. So like the black really like popped out of it. You know it’s so out there and my favorite thing about this is the way it looks with these sneakers. Just super clean white and neon yellow. That’s such a book. These are the shoes that you guys saw me wear with a lot of the outfits i okay, so for festivals. I really like getting some affordable sneakers just because your shoes are gon na get ruined, no matter what you do like, no matter how clean you try to keep them, because there’s just so many people, especially Coachella you’re walking, basically in the desert like on sand the Whole time, so you don’t want to wear something very like expensive, just because you don’t have to ruin them, and these are definitely affordable, and they’re also really stylish, so you can wear them without having to worry about ruining them. Just because you know you didn’t pay that much money for them anyway, and if you use the code Healy 755, they’re gon na be so affordable, so yeah.

This is what they look like, I’m kind of contemplating. If I actually want to bring them with me to Coachella, just because I really like them – and I don’t want to ruin them, I actually want to wear them like in regular life. I love how like festival season is so not considered regular life, like I just kind of you, know, remove it from reality. Just because, like no that’s what festivals always feel like it feels like you’re, just not in reality, you go somewhere else like it’s like a vacation for a little and then like you, come back and you’re like oh, like this is what my life is like great.


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