Gentlemen so I gotta be honest one of the tricks that I use to make people think that I’m more stylish than I actually am is is I wear all black it is a scientific fact that if you wear all black people automatically think that you’re more stylish than you are it’s not just all black there are other items that if we wear it will automatically make us look more stylish.

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Today I’m going over them ten items that any guy can wear to look more stylish number one bomber jackets are in my opinion one of the greatest jackets out there they automatically make the guy who’s wearing them look a lot cooler.

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He may actually potentially be bomber jacket come in all different fabrics all different fits this one was super affordable I got an H&M for like $30 buck I’m in leather they come in suede bombers though are an amazing lightweight jacket that you can rock that automatically make you look super freakin stylish.

Number two motorcycle jackets are in my opinion another one of those options that makes the way look super freakin cool it’s just got an air of old-school like rugged masculinity that justice is it’s dynamite.

Number three which is a cool pair of shades and you automatic I did sight not even fair to other dudes you automatically look so much more stylish and so much cooler so much more like sexy. Oh super sexy they get a sexy number four is a bad ass watch nothing says you I’m stylish like a badass watch and it doesn’t get any badder ass

Whenever I wear this one or the all blacked out version I get out I get more compliments on this watch than I do my Rolexes people are always like yo that’s a badass watch what kind I’m like it’s a Vince Eric like uh super expensive on like no they’re freakin amazingly price for the quality there’s a link down below to go check out this or any of the vents arrows that I personally think are amazing because the deal is this they let me kind of go through and they’re like yo alpha pick your favorites and so I did there’s also a discount on that page if you want to grab one the price ridiculous the style amazing it’s just got presence and that’s the thing that I love about Ben Cerro it’s not like super minimal there’s no just like slide under the radar when you wear one people notice their watches for guys who like wearing watches and expressing their individual style without breaking the bank guys link below curated collection grab a discount and grab a Ben Cerro today v item that automatically will make you look more stylish is a great lightweight scarf so this scarf super lightweight I got it for literally five dollars like the gas station and it is an amazing accessory for the cooler months you casually just loop it around your neck lightweight scarf is in my opinion.

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Another one of those accessories that only stylish guys wear and it’s incredible to layer it’s a pair and for the cooler months you can’t go wrong you can find them super affordably look on Amazon or the gas station number six is suede boots suede boots in my opinion are one of those options and Footwear items that automatically makes the wearer look super cool now if you’re somebody who looks on like all the style blogs and and Instagram pages you know how popular suede is this season and in my piñon you don’t need to worry about like oh you gotta take care of it and brag that chin if it gets messed up whatever their boots they’re supposed to look rough and rugged number seven back denim you can never go wrong by rocking a pair of dark grey or black denim they automatically make you look super stylish super cool and like a sexy stylish ninja or eight turtlenecks this season.

Turtlenecks are going to be humongous and they’re great option a lightweight turtleneck sweater is an amazing way to take your style to the next level they also look incredible when you combine them with number nine a suit with a bold rich pattern guys this season this winter you’re gonna see a lot of suits a lot of heavier weight suits that are going to have just incredibly rich vibrant patterns and that in my opinion is something that automatically takes your style game to the next level but seriously how bad I like seriously how badass does that look turtleneck cool bold suit automatically takes your style to the next level.

Number 10 which is a badass ring in my opinion but I am definitely biased a great signature ring whether or not it is a signet ring like this one or something a little bit different it could be a silver band it could be black it can be whatever you want one ring not 10 I see dudes like wear like multiple.

It looks okay on some guys but most of us cannot pull off like multiple rings and thumb rings and pinky rings pick one finger pick one ring I’ve got you now a ring wearing pro tip is when you like knuckle bump because everybody’s into like knuckle bumps whenever I knuckle bump somebody I’ve got to like actually shift my hand down a little bit because I’ve like pop people before and this is very very painful but in a fight look out you want to be on my side because this put you know em in the forehead.

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