We’ve got a ton of information we’re gonna go through that it’s gonna instantly elevate your wardrobe. We’re just gonna dive into these twelve style secrets because I’m so excited to share all of these tips. These tips are well thought out and they’re gonna make you look fantastic.

1. Invest in quality

Quality, quality and quality! I want you ladies to always be on the lookout from quality no more buying $4 t-shirts from H&M that you wear once and then throw away. I’m talking about buying that okay it’s a little pricier shirt but it’s made with a really amazing material. It fits you fantastically and it’s going to last the test of time.

How do you look for quality in your wardrobe? There are so many ways. It really depends on the garment and there are lots and lots of tell-tale signs but just for a basic starter, you’re gonna look at the inside tag in the bottom left corner of your shirt. This tag will tell you what your what your garment is made from. You want to avoid anything made of plastic. No polyester. Yes avoid polyester like the plague please. When you invest in a poor quality material, it is what it is. Start to really pay attention to the fabrics, to the build to how the whole garment is put together and you’re gonna invest in pieces that are going to have longevity to them. They’re going to be durable for wearing them every single day.

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2. Wear neutral colors

I understand that a lot of you were like “I don’t look good in neutrals”, “I don’t like neutrals”, “neutrals are boring why do I need neutrals to look classy?”

I’m gonna tell you why so the thing with neutrals is that they’re very versatile and they pair so well with other colors. Everyone looks good in a pair of neutral pants: black, white, tan, taupe, beige, brown, those are all neutrals. You’re not gonna look bad and impaired neutral pants. It’s just the bottom half of your outfit. You compare any of those colors with a different color top and have it look good. The versatility thing is what is with the neutrals.

If you’re investing in a lot of natural fiber fabrics like cotton or wool or linen or cashmere or you know any of those natural fibers. A lot of those natural fibers are coming from the earth like cotton and linen or they’re coming from an animal so like those colors are going to be more neutral colors. You’ve never seen a pink sheep have you? It’s always kind of lending itself towards being a classier look.

When you pair neutrals together and you do the whole monochromatic thing, it looks amazing! Neutrals are such a win when it comes to classy style and because there are so many shades and there’s so many tones. It will look great on your skin tone

3. Know your colors

You need to know the colors that look fantastic on your skin, that make you look radiant. It doesn’t need to be a neutral. Bring in the neutrals to pair with some of the colors. If you look great in red, know that and invest in that. You’re never not gonna look good in red if you’ve always looked good in red.

I have very pale skin but in the summer my skin tone changes and I have to wear a whole different set of clothes set of colors. Things change I get that but once you know, you will never go wrong with picking out things that look great on you.

4. Match all of your hardware

I just learned this about a year and a half ago and it’s changed my life. My whole style game has completely been elevated since I have started matching hardware.

What is hardware? Hardware is anything metal that you are wearing in your ensemble. If you have a gold belt buckle and you have shoes with a buckle detail it better be a gold buckle detail because you want them to match. You want them to complement each other so that they look seamless and it doesn’t look out of place. If you’re wearing gold, you match your gold with gold. You match your silver with silver. You match your two tone with two-tone. You match the rose gold with rose gold.

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You just want the hardware to all match so it looks very well put together. It’s a very classy style.

5. Less is more when it comes to accessories and prints

I am the type of woman that will wear a cocktail ring out in the middle of the day and love it. I love big and bold and loud jewelry.

Less is more so if you have let’s say a pair of really bold, wild statement earrings – the store might sell the matching necklace and even though it matches because they’re both the same style the same color. If they are both bold and loud and they’re next to each other it’s gonna cancel out. Nothing will stand out and they’ll compete.Instead of people looking at your face and you know seeing the earrings. It’s gonna be too much. Its too overwhelming.

Simple: less is more when it comes to the jewelry when it comes to the accessories. The whole point of dressing in a classy way is to make you a standout.You want to be that radiant thing that walks into a room and everyone like turns their head. Stunning darling, stunning! You don’t want to be the person that walks into a room and someone’s like yes someone could not make up their mind this morning on what to wear.

6. Go-to matching sets

I call it the BBS: bag, belt and shoes. If you can have a set of a bag, a belt and a pair of shoes that are all the same material and all the same color, you can pair that with a neutral outfit and have a different looking outfit every single time you walk out of the house. It is incredible!

I came up with this when I was young. I had this black leather belt that I loved and black leather shoes and I kind of looked in the mirror and I was like: ah those look great together! I need a black leather handbag and then it clicked! Always match your bag to your belt and your shoes. It is going to look flawless like it is a matching set.

Get three matching sets so what I would recommend.Get a white leather belt, no patent leather white leather belt with a pair of white leather shoe – they could be pumps they can be low for is it’s up to you. They could be something else too but whatever and a white leather handbag. That is such a chic looking combination for spring and summer. Get a tan combination like that and a black combination.

If you really like to spice things up and have that wow factor and your accessories get bred okay as long as you avoid the patent leather they’re gonna be golden.

7. When it comes to prints and plaids smaller is better

I see this everywhere and I see it a lot. Women will go out and they’ll buy a loud pattern that’s huge I mean big! I’m talking about flowers here and flowers here, flowers here and just I mean flowers everywhere! It might be a beautiful dress yes, but when you’ve got such big blobs of color on you and such big patterns it’s very distracting. It takes away from your overall ensemble and it takes away from you. I always notice that classy women really really stick to having smaller prints and smaller plaids.

If you’re wearing a plaid and it’s got really big thick chunky lines avoid it. If you’re wearing a checkered print – you’ve got giant squares on you avoid it like the plague. Tiny is better, smaller is better. We want this outfit that you’re wearing to compliment you as a whole.

8. Dress for the occasion

It seems like it’s so simple but sometimes we make the mistake of going to an event and wanting to be the center of attention. You want to pull together an outfit or have a unique style that we look so out of place. Sometimes we look less than smart and it happens all the time. I constantly see women at sporting events with heels that big and it’s mind-boggling.

You are never gonna look classy and put together and polished when you’re out of place. Half of being classy is fitting into the environment and having that chic Flair that makes you stand out. If you were to go to a baseball game, you’d want to dress for a baseball game. You’d want to have your jeans on, you want to have your sneakers on. You’re gonna have your Jersey on it your baseball cap. Maybe throw some bows into your hair and do your makeup but you still want to dress appropriately for the occasion. You want to implement all the other tools that we’ve talked about all the other secrets too. You want to have clip you know jeans that fit you well. You want to have clean clothes, you want to have stuff that fits you well that’s made with good quality materials. But you want to look good for the occasion.

The same goes for dressing up for events. If there is an important event that you’re going to, like a wedding or a funeral or a job interview, dressing appropriately for that event is paramount to dressing synonymously with being classy. You just want to look the part, fit the role. Because that is gonna be advantageous to your success in that moment.

9. Make sure that every single one of the garments that they have in their wardrobe fits them flawlessly

We are going for a seamless style here ladies. Classy women know this secret. It’s not about what you’re wearing but it’s how you’re wearing it. If your clothes are too big or they’re too small or they’re too tight or they’re too loose, they are not going to look good on you no matter what. It doesn’t matter how good your body looks or how bad your body looks, if you’re overweight, if you’re underweight, if you’re just right, if you’re healthy, if you’re sick – doesn’t matter. If your clothes don’t fit you the clothes don’t look good – okay period – end of story.

Invest in a tailor. Take the time to find a good quality tailor that’s gonna know your shape better than anybody else. In the past people always look too good. You always see these historic figures of women with their beautiful dresses on no one ever complained about. you know feeling like they were too fat or too thin or whatever. They just had their clothes custom-made. Hot Couture right they were just custom made and they look good on them.

I like my clothes to look good for whatever my body looks like and that is what you should go for Once you know your your body type and what looks good on you and you have the closed form fitted to your body that is its key. It’s kind of crazy I think nowadays a lot of people change their body to match their clothes when very classy women are like “oh no I’m not doing that I’m changing the clothes to match my body because that’s what’s important”. Invest in the help of a tailor and you will never go wrong.

10. Maintain good hygiene

They’ve got a clean bright white smile, they take care of their skin, they take care of their hair and their nails. You don’t need to have extremely polished or very done up skin. You need to have it look healthy and clean – that is it! If you’ve got healthy and clean – that’s half the battle.

11. Have clean and classy looking makeup

Just make sure to have a clean and classy looking makeup it makes you stand out again. We’re not trying to make the makeup stand out, like we’re not trying to make the clothes stand out. We’re trying to make us stand out. We want to look good.

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12. Have a classy personality

How you treat others, how you care for others, whether you’re compassionate and considerate and you think about others before yourself that is what is really gonna pull your whole look together. Because that is what’s within you. That’s going to radiate outward. You can be classy no matter what when you behave classy. It is your behavior that is really going to make the outfit right. That means thinking before you speak, listening to other people, taking time to care about people when you would so much rather be doing your own thing. It goes so far in life. You will never ever feel bad about doing that. The hallmark of a truly classy woman is a woman who is compassionate and kind and who wouldn’t want more of that in the world. I think it’s so important to being a classy woman.

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